What is Marketing?

Marketing is preparing a product or service for presentation and sale. It’s literally getting it ready to take to the market: your audience. Maybe a better way of describing it is, “Marketing is sharing the story of your product” – in this case, your film.

The first thing you have to know to begin marketing is this:

What is the end goal of your film?

Are you an aspiring filmmaker, who wants to attract bigger budgets and higher-profile opportunities? Are you an activist seeking to inspire social change through documentaries? Are you an artist, looking to push forward into new territories with each film? And, by the way, you may be all three – these are not mutually exclusive.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the fans who watch your film are not your only audience. In any industry, you are always selling your product – and yourself – to Consumers, Peers, and Investors, and you reach those groups in different ways.

Read THE THREE AUDIENCES to understand more about how they work together to feed the buzz around you and your film.

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