Marketing for Independent Filmmakers

Marketing: It's Not About You

Are you reaching your audience? Do you even know who your audience is? Step 1: reverse-engineer your marketing strategy.

Three Audiences for Every Film

What the who? Customize your messaging for different audience segments. They may all be created equally, but you shouldn't treat them all the same.

If You Only Read ONE Article About Marketing...

A super-quick checklist of must-have mix-and-match elements for a professional-looking film. That's FOUR hyphenates in one sentence!

Webseries, Transmedia, Documentaries, Shorts


From copywriting, to graphic design and video editing, we have a range of solutions and support levels to help you look GOOD at any budget


Check out these case studies from the TRes Chic Promo vault, and let's add your awesome to the mix!

Bits and Pieces

From Filmmaking 101 to a glossary of need-to-know terms for any newly-minted indie filmmaker, fast-track your expertise
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